Over the last two decades, new technologies have dramatically changed the way we do things and have brought about many exciting opportunities. Again, today, though this disruptive situation we are currently experiencing affects us deeply, we will approach it as a new area of opportunity and growth.

It is in this new context that COLLECT4GOOD looks into the future.

Specializing in developing hobby products and collectible series, COLLECT4GOOD is proud to offer you new ways of enjoying your time spent at home.

We are positive you will find a topic that you have been eager to start and master.

Robot Buildups and STEAM topics
High Quality 1:18 Diecast Model Kits
Stylish Crafts: Crochet, Knitting, Sewing ...

Eric Duchemin, Owner, has been in the field of hobby and collectible series for more than 20 years at all levels in both small and large organizations.

Before creating COLLECT4GOOD, Eric's main focus had been the setup of the Japanese subsidiary of a major global publishing group. Eric demonstrated his ability to meet market expectations both on the series thematics and on their higher quality level. Though the Japanese market is well known for being extremely demanding in terms of customer service, Eric had great success in this area, making the subsidiary which he had become President of, the market leader in this field.

Two years ago, Eric branched out on his own. He is dedicated to, once again, placing customers at the center of his activity and exceeding all their expectations in terms of product appeal and quality.

With a background in Information Systems Engineering, Eric has closely followed changes in technology and kept himself up-to-date in advanced areas such as blockchain. To this end, COLLECT4GOOD is shifting its hobbies and collectibles business from traditional sales channels to online subscriptions as a first step...some day, you may even see NFT in our collectible series.

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Suite #300
San Francisco CA 94108